Say what you need about Kotomitsuki, but you gotta fancy just how he moved in golf balls out against Hakuho these days

Say what you need about Kotomitsuki, but you gotta fancy just how he moved in golf balls out against Hakuho these days

View you in approximately 30 days . 5. Now the inter-basho split should travel right by, with a LOT of stuff happening – RG, Wimbledon as well as the 2010 globe glass.

Clancy bakes your cookies, offers blossoms, and, if you should be lucky, actually a therapeutic massage tomorrow. And, if he somehow features when remaining, possibly he will actually compose a tiny realization for this practice wreck of a basho inside the predictably quick senshuraku report.

Day 13 Comments (Kenji Heilman revealing) The yusho image is actually right down to 4 foreign people: 3 Mongolians and a Russian. The 3 Mongolians vying for all the name all have the personality “light” atop their unique shiko-na, or combat term, which I’ll gamble is actually a primary in sumo background. Just a little of trivia to kick off the afternoon 13 legal proceeding. Gotta discover something interesting, heck, Hakuho try operating out with this specific thing. An outright win nowadays gets your his 14th job yusho.

Let’s come from the rank-and-file in which 2 for the aforementioned foreign people clashed in an elimination bout. M10 Aran met M5 Hakuba, both 9-3, in a bout of power vs. finesse. Hakuba’s sumo reminds myself of Aikido; never fighting but with the enemy’s impetus to their advantage. Anyhoo, energy obtained completely now as two locked into migi-yotsu with Aran acquiring a company clasp regarding left uwate. Surprisingly there are no gimmicks from Hakuba as he felt information to keep it a straight up belt fight. Thus, Aran fundamentally overpowered Hakuba for an easy Yori-kiri. Aran try 10-3 but still mathematically when you look at the image; Hakuba falls to 9-4 and is officially completely.

The clash from the tachi-ai is prodigious

Another hopeful to catch Hakuho, Ozeki Harumafuji, was actually tasked with Kotooshu. Haruma gone within with a bang, but Oshu was actually like a magnet obtaining left uwate. This drawn Haruma in toward Oshu, disallowing the separation Haruma wishes. In addition, it pushed Haruma to retreat on their bad remaining leg, which he cannot carry out with whatever weight. Therefore the same as that, its a Yori-kiri profit for Kotooshu (9-4) and Harumafuji (9-4) normally out of the Yusho picture.

Not likely how an Oyakata enjoys their deshi to build, but hey, it is employed by him so far

Baruto turned to-side swiping Kisenosato these days, causing an anticlimactic winnings in a bout a lot of comprise passionate to see. You can certain argue that Baruto (10-4) does not have any room employing such a cheap strategy in the newer Ozeki rank. On the bright side, you only as quickly argue that Kisenosato (7-6) must not be searching down and shed therefore conveniently for a guy desperately wanting to string along a Ozeki run of their own. Using this reduction he cannot get the 10 gains the guy should hold that run live, so that it are to the drawing board for Kise subsequent basho.

Now Kaio conversely, we are going to simply take a ‘W’ any which method we could have it. For this reason their pull against Kakuryu (5-8) was actually fulfilled with cheers versus jeers for Baruto in the previous bout. Kaio (7-6) with 998 gains helps to keep their expectations alive for notching his 1000th profession win this basho, but he’ll need certainly to win off to get it done. Cannot keep your own breath.

Might as well provide it with hell, best? This is the method of influence it is possible to really value if you are in the arena viewing sumo living. Hakuho stopped the furious onslaught, but Mitsuki in addition stored the Yokozuna off their belt which stored the bout interesting. Mitsuki in fact had the higher hands but discovered the lower stance the guy needed to keep Hakuho off his belt also restrictive to attach any offense. Another thing we liked usually he went for it anyway. The valiant energy finished with a Kote-nage profit for Hakuho (13-0), just who records their 14th career Yusho. The Yokozuna doesn’t actually require a hold to really make it have a look simple.