Hanamaki Takahiro, twenty six, preschool professor, means a roomie

Hanamaki Takahiro, twenty six, preschool professor, means a roomie

Summary G

His past roommate, Oikawa Tooru, keeps made a decision to relocate along with his long haul date, Iwaizumi Hajime. Oikawa guaranteed him you to he’ll keeps some one to own your till the next deadline for rent. Hanamaki is ok with this, he’s always okay with the sort of anyone Oikawa try family relations with so he does not ask a lot for as long as they’ll end up being prepared to pay-rent having a two-rooms apartment.

Enter into Matsukawa Issei, 26, people Oikawa had evening classes having throughout school. He wears all black attire, does not for instance the sun features hung blackout blinds because the their first night there. He is somewhat brooding, does not speak much otherwise talk about themselves appear to however, the guy wants to inquire about Hanamaki in the his employment, towards thrown decals and you will children’s courses on the apartment. He informs Hanamaki that he is great along with his planned disorder away from glitter adhesive hoses and you may packets out-of model clay. Hanamaki is actually thankful regarding, Matsukawa will pay the latest book promptly and you will is present to his orbit conveniently.

The brand new generosity one Matsukawa shows him will not end Hanamaki away from becoming slightly suspicious. Matsukawa does not speak about their job, which in some way constantly asks him to-be away late into the evening in which he doesn’t get back before day. He or she is allergic so you can garlic, talks about blood so you’re able to anybody out-of “work” over the telephone, and believes Oikawa finding a silver vow band with Iwaizumi is actually icky. Are his roomie actually a good vampire? Well, which is for Hanamaki to figure out.

Of course, if he fantasizes regarding the their mysterious roomie biting him for the the latest shoulder, nobody really has to see.

Or, the five times Hanamaki suspects his roomie of being an excellent vampire and once the guy face your regarding it.

Tags and extra Recommendations Roommates so you can Lovers, miscommunication, attempt on humor, slice out-of lifestyle, says off blood and you can gore, vampires (?), kindergarten!bien au, providing along with her, 5 + 1, ultimate love, front iwaoi

some notes: issei is not actually good vampire, hiro simply overthinks it and you will thinks their roomie will be gorgeous because a great vampire. plus issei probably talks a bit about gorey and you will blood want Crossdresser dating blogs bc out-of his “job”. seijoh4 friend category superiority. hiro have anything for being bitten.

Summation H

Matsukawa and you will Hanamaki lead extremely busy lives. Variety of. Anyway, it’s been some time as they’ve got had for you personally to invest together with her.

The new Year journey during the Hokkaido was as a good Seijoh 3rd ages reunion, however, Iwaizumi and Oikawa ditched her or him during the very last minute because they eventually made a decision to operate to their break immediately after Christmas, for this reason trying to spend as frequently time while they you will together with her. Brand new Years times of trips was in fact the best affair for that.

It isn’t eg Matsukawa and Hanamaki prefer to spend the New Season by yourself, but. this has been a long time since it’s been only the a couple of of these. There is much it haven’t discussed not too long ago. it seems sometime odd, become just the a couple of her or him.

What better method to get to know both sexually such as for instance in advance of than becoming snowed in on a secluded Hokkaido location for the second week?

Labels and extra Pointers Aged upwards emails (within 20’s 30’s), Post Timeskip, A bit of Magical Reality will ultimately, Getting to know each other once again, Getting with her, Family relations to Lovers, Accidental Smut, A touch of Introspection in some places. Iwaoi and other emails (ocs?) could be said but it would be Matsuhana centric. The newest atmosphere I would ike to express simple fact is that sense of being cocooned in to the a warm blanket after purchasing your day additional not as much as new snowfall. Things are quiet ultimately you begin impression as well as loving once again.