FeFe are a Female English VTuber whom premiered from the first of

FeFe are a Female English VTuber whom premiered from the first of

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In many of FeFe’s channels, she continues to be hushed throughout, deciding to reveal herself through Twitch speak and her most expressive face. She has gained a track record for slurping other streamers both while they’re streaming plus her tracks which many get as a the greatest of praise. Whenever requested the reason why most of the licking, FeFe enjoys answered “do you believe I inquired are this slutty? Do you really believe i love getting peoples hair trapped in my mouth area? The truth is, if I cannot get it done. no body might. “


FeFe are a 2D Vtuber with a punk artistic. With quick white hair and an undercut, she exercise multiple tattoos of Projekt Melody, Natsumi Moe, Comdost, Bunny_Gif, Silvervale, Froot, Zentreya, and IronMouse. She has multiple facial piercings and red eyes. Their usual dress is actually a white sleeveless crop leading with “Mini Milk” created about it and a black correct case that she wears over the top and stretches across the lady torso. Associated this is a pair of dark colored shorts and a studded black-belt.


FeFe started the lady profession as a streamer on , around ten months before getting a Vtuber. She in the beginning started by operating the lady channel as a Punk Rock broadcast for Weebs as she worked the whole day, and will continue to do so even with the lady Vtuber Debut.

Regarding the first of , FeFe premiered her 2D avatar and contains since begun web hosting a media show including music films, amusing Youtube video clips, and viewing (and sometimes slurping) different streamers both alive and on VODs.

Along with the woman broadcast tv series and mass media express, FeFe has been known to collaborate together with other streamers for multiplayer video games eg Among Us or Tony Hawk’s expert Skater 1+2.